About me

Hi there. My name is Amy Mattingly and I’m 32. I’m living with my husband, two cats and advanced bowel cancer (or rather, it has shacked up with me, without my permission).

Amy Mattingly bowel cancer

In January of 2017, I lost my sweet baby boy, Leo, during a traumatic stillbirth at six months. I then proceeded to get very sick and lose a lot of weight. Finally, I was diagnosed with a condition called Familial Adenomatous Polyposis which causes polyps to grow in the digestive tract. If left untreated, it can make your bowel turn cancerous and that’s what happened to me. I found out that my bowel cancer had spread to my liver before they even found the tumour in my bowel.

In May 2017, I underwent a subtotal colectomy surgery to remove my bowel and with it, the primary tumour. I now have a permanent ileostomy (poo bag) that I’m learning to live in harmony with.

I am currently undergoing chemotherapy after which I expect to have surgery for my liver. you can read about my specific treatment plan and also my experiences with chemo one, chemo two, and chemo three).

Before all of this happened, I was a pretty darn good web designer (with a healthy ego, of course). I’ve since had to take a break from work in order to get well. Now I spend most of my time walking, writing, crafting, napping and planning my cure party…

I hope you enjoy my blog and please do feel free to get in touch!