Bowel cancer perks

The other day, I tweeted something with the hashtag #cancerperks and I’ve been thinking about them ever since. Here’s the silver lining:

  • The queue for the disabled toilet is always shorter
  • Don’t have to style my hair
  • Always get a seat on the bus / train
  • Friends tell you how much you mean to them
  • Free prescriptions for life
  • Finally justifying the splurge on expensive lotion
  • Get to meet and chat with lovely nurses
  • Chemo friends
  • Charities send you care gifts
  • Access to free massages via charities like Dorothy House, Penny Brohn
  • Family visits
  • Mom does my laundry (hehe)
  • Cellulite is almost gone!
  • Stopping to smell the flowers, watch ducks, feel the sun on your skin (with SPF 50)
  • Finally having motivation to eat healthily and exercise
  • Free “Look good, feel better” makeup products
  • Had my fifteen minutes of fame in the Daily Mail
  • Always winning the house temperature debate with husband
  • Friends offer to drive you places
  • People make a conscious effort not to infect you when they’re germy
  • Being able to order the spicy curries when your tastebuds disappear
  • Meeting other bowel cancer patients online
  • More appreciation for every day that you feel good

Thanks for reading!