How I’m feeling lately

A lot of people ask how I’m feeling on a regular basis, so I thought I’d post a quick update here. In summary, I still feel great…

I’ve radically changed my diet so that it’s nutritionally complete. I’ve cut out dairy, added sugar and red meat as they are the things that cancer cells like. I do make small exceptions (you have to live) but my diet is one of the things which I can control and that control feels good. I’m eating lots of raw veggies and don’t seem to be having any issues with fibre. As recommended by my oncologist, I’m also consuming a lot of tree nut butters.

Since the bad news, I have sort of been anticipating having a day where I wake up and feel awful and then not recover, but thankfully that day hasn’t come. Thinking about my prognosis has affected my mental health though, as I’m having nightmares about liver transplants and have convinced myself I’m actually dying a few times in the night. I’ll go into this more in the “how I’m coping now” post which is upcoming.

I feel so fine that it’s pretty hard to believe I’ve got this going on inside of me!

I’m walking lots and my energy levels are generally good. I have one crash day every chemo cycle about 4-5 days after infusion, but a good quality of life despite it. My asthma has all but disappeared and I seem to be in the best shape of my life, physically. I don’t breathe heavily when I walk up stairs or hills.

I don’t have any pain, really. My liver swelled on the day of chemo which was slightly painful, and then I had some referred pain up in my shoulder which was really uncomfortable. It’s like a shooting / stabbing pain. I guess I just have to hope that the chemo was launching an assault on those tumours…

The only real physical complaint I have is that my big toes have toenail infections. It’s a common side effect of the drugs that I’m on and I keep stubbing them, too. Ouch!

On Tuesday, I’ll be having a portacath inserted and then Wednesday is my next chemo. It’ll be in my PICC line, but when my district nurse comes to disconnect me, she’s going to take out my PICC! So I’ll be PICC free as of 3 November. Crazy, eh?